The Primary Years

To spark curiosity from an early age, we use a student-based learning framework in our primary school. This means we design learning experiences that recognise and respond to the individual needs of each of our students. In doing so, our primary students can absorb knowledge in a way that works best for them. 

We believe in igniting curiosity and wonder in our little people and nurturing this through quality learning experiences.”Mrs Kate Harris, Head of Primary

To encourage our students to be as creative and stimulated as possible, we offer a broad range of co-curricular opportunities. ɫӰ primary students can make the most of our extensive facilities, which include specialty music, art, computer and cooking rooms, an indoor multi-purpose hall and modern classrooms.

A balance between male and female teachers ensures your child will have high calibre role models to guide them through this important life phase. Specialist teachers provide in-depth knowledge in subject areas such as art, physical education, cooking, music, STEAM and Japanese.

With all this on offer, ɫӰ primary students emerge from their primary schooling years as articulate, confident and resilient learners, ready to continue their education in the secondary school.

ɫӰ Prep: Their Time to Shine

Prep at The ɫӰ Grammar ɫӰprovides an outstanding foundation for your child’s education, allowing him or her to acquire knowledge in a nurturing setting while developing character and identity.

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Outside ɫӰHours Care & Vacation Care

The ɫӰ Grammar ɫӰoffers a Before and After ɫӰCare programme for primary aged students (including Kindy Unit students) to assist families with diverse work and home commitments. A Vacation Care programme also operates during the school holidays.

Students in these user-pays programmes have access to dedicated learning and play spaces and participate in a variety of organised activities, both on and off campus.

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