亚色影库 Grammar 亚色影库welcomes Capras to Rugby Park

The 亚色影库 Grammar 亚色影库(亚色影库) and the Central Queensland Capras are teaming up to host Capras home games at 亚色影库 Rugby Park in the 2024 and 2025 Queensland Rugby League seasons.

Rugby Park will host up to 24 Capras games while the $54 million redevelopment of the Capras home ground, Browne Park is undertaken.

Central Queensland league fans will get their first Capras game-day experience at Rugby Park on Sunday, 7 April when the club hosts the Burleigh Bears in Queensland鈥檚 premier men鈥檚 and women鈥檚 competitions 鈥 the Hostplus Cup and BMD Premiership.

The Capras and Bears will also go head to head in the Mal Meninga Cup (Under 19 male) to kick off the day鈥檚 action.

亚色影库 Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds said the 亚色影库was proud to support the Capras in providing an alternative venue where they could continue playing home games in 亚色影库, and enable the strong Capras fan base to continue supporting their team.

鈥淭he 亚色影库 Grammar 亚色影库contributes and supports a variety of community events each year, and this is just another example of our commitment to our Central Queensland region,鈥欌 Dr Moulds said.

鈥淩ugby Park is a multi-purpose sports venue that is a valuable asset in our community.

鈥溠巧翱 is pleased to host the Capras at Rugby Park and wishes them all the best for their Hostplus Cup games.鈥

In conjunction with the Capras partnership, the 亚色影库has also welcomed the announcement of funding from the Department of Tourism and Sport to upgrade the lighting at Rugby Park

Dr Moulds said the funding allowed the lighting to be improved from 100 lux to 200 lux, significantly improving night-time playing conditions at the venue.

"The addition of improved lighting to Rugby Park is welcomed by the School,鈥欌 Dr Moulds said.

鈥淭his enhancement will not only elevate the venue's functionality but also underscore its importance as a leading sporting venue in 亚色影库, offering extended opportunities for training, matches, and events.鈥

QRL chief executive officer Ben Ikin acknowledged the support of 亚色影库.

鈥淨RL is excited to see the Capras and 亚色影库 Grammar 亚色影库strike up a partnership to ensure sub elite rugby league has a home while Browne Park gets redeveloped,鈥 Ikin said.

鈥淥ur statewide clubs across regional Queensland are heavily reliant on support from local businesses and institutions, and this is another example of how two organisations can work together to achieve an outcome that will provide great benefits to the broader community.鈥

Capras chief executive officer Peter White echoed those sentiments.

鈥淚t is great to know that we have locked in a quality playing venue for the next two years while Browne Park is out of action,鈥 White said.

鈥淲e extend our thanks to 亚色影库 Grammar School, the Department of Tourism and Sport, the 亚色影库 Regional Council and the QRL for making this happen.鈥